Trimeo 7″ Android Tablet (2015 Model) Review

The Trimeo 7″ Android tablet sits right at the bottom of the budget market, costing just £30.99 at the time of review.

That’s really not a lot of money for a tablet, so of course this isn’t going to be a viable alternative to an iPad.  However, what you do get for not a lot of case is a quad core processor, 8GB, Android 4.4.2, a front and back camera and a screen capable of 1024×600.

Apparently the Trimeo tablet can be upgraded to Lollipop, at the time of review instructions were available from but despite following them the update didn’t seem to work.

The tablet comes with Android KitKat installed, and it runs rather well. Apparently this can be updated to Lollipop and I found a website explaining how, but so far I’ve not managed to complete the upgrade.

As you’d expect for the low cost this is a chunky little tablet, but it’s not uncomfortable in the hand. The 7″ screen is fine providing you are looking directly at the screen, it’s much harder to see if you’re looking from an angle.

The rear camera is adequate, it does the job but the photo quality isn’t anything to get existed about.

Trimeo Android Tab Photo 1 Trimeo Android Tab Photo 2 Trimeo Android Tab Photo 4 Trimeo Android Tab Photo 3






As you’ll see in the review video the tablet failed to run Asphalt8, crashing out to the home screen, but it ran Temple Run without a problem. Keep that in mind if you’re looking to give this to a child, some of the more demanding games may not work.

Comes with a silicone protector which doesn’t really feel like it offers much protection but nice to see it included and you can remove it if you don’t like it.

What this tablet is good for is web browsing and watching videos, be them files you’ve loaded on to the tablet or something you’re streaming (e.g. YouTube).

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4 / 5 stars     

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