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The Umidigi bluetooth speaker is the first Umi product I’ve tried outside of the impressive budget smartphone range they do. As with the mobiles the speaker aims to offers a really nice product for a low price. In the box you get the speaker, a USB charging cable, aux cable and a small carry case.  The case is rather a snug fit and it’s a bit of a struggle to fit the speaker plus cables into it. The speaker has a nice design, it’s very portable but has a decent volume for the small size.  Controls are kept to a minimum, with just 3 buttons and the on/off switch on one side. The other side has a USB port for charging and an aux in for when you don’t want to use Bluetooth. Sound quality was OK considering this is a low cost speaker.  It managed to maintain a decent sound quality even at high volume, there was no distortion. As you’d imagine at this price and size there isn’t much bass and it lags behind the slightly more expensive Sumvision Psyc Monic Bluetooth speaker in terms of overall sound quality. However, if you’re not looking to spend a lot on a Bluetooth speaker this gives you decent sound quality in a lovely design for not very much cash. Available from Amazon UK:

-Is the Umidigi Bluetooth Speaker Worth the Upgrade from the AVWOO Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker?

The Umidigi Bluetooth Speaker offers a significant upgrade from the AVWOO mini wooden bluetooth speaker. With enhanced sound quality, longer battery life, and a sleeker design, the Umidigi speaker is definitely worth the upgrade. Enjoy clear, crisp audio and convenient portability with this top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker.

What Makes the Umidigi Bluetooth Speaker Stand Out Compared to the Rubik’s Bluetooth Speaker?

When comparing the Umidigi Bluetooth Speaker to the Rubik’s Bluetooth Speaker, one notable difference is the sound quality. According to a rubik’s bluetooth speaker review, users have reported that the Umidigi Speaker delivers a more powerful and encompassing sound experience compared to its counterpart.

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    Good Article. My vote is 4 Doogee Mix because of Super Small design Looks very Beautiful And Doogee Mix Price is Much better than Xiaomi Mix Also 4Gb And a 6Gb ram version Available . so better I buy Doogee Mix I am Super Excited to buy it.

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