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If you’re looking to up your Instagram photo game the products they offer are going to be for you, they’re high quality, high resolution, boards with photos of lovely backdrops on them.

Mountdog Softbox Lighting Kit Review

If you’re into photography or videography you’ve likely experianced issues with lighting at one time or another. To combat poor lighting Mountdog have released a low cost softbox lighting kit. The model on review came with 2 softboxes and 3 bulbs. The bulbs are 135w E27 5500k energy saving bulbs and they’re the biggest bulbs…

K&F KF-TM2534T Tripod

K&F KF-TM2534T Tripod Review

I’ve reviewed a number of K&F Concept products, including this camera bag, and like all products before it the K&F KF-TM2534T Tripod is a lovely bit of camera kit. Shunning the usual mono colour approach tripods seem to take, the KF-TM2534T is black with dark red highlights on key areas and it looks really cool….

Conbruv T33

Conbruv T33 Mini Spy Camera Review

The Conbruv T33 Mini Spy Camera is exactly what you’d expect, a mini camera for spying. It’s a tiny little gadget that has very little to it.  It’s got the camera on the front, microSD card slot, MicroUSB charging port and indication lights around the back and a couple of buttons on top…and that’s it! In…

Edelkrone SliderOne Pro

Edlekrone SliderOne Pro Review

Following hot on the heels of our Edelkrone QuickReleaseOne review comes the Edlekrone SliderOne Pro review, a super smooth motorized slider to help add motion to your shots.  As with all Edelkrone products the SliderOne Pro arrives very well packaged.  It has a reassuring weight to it and feels like a fantastic bit of equipment the moment you lift it from the box.  One thing…

Tonor K380

Tonor K380 Wireless Microphone Review

The Tonor K380 is a low-cost wireless microphone that has a number of uses.  It comes with a receiver that’s designed to be plug into a speaker or camera.  The microphone is powered by 2 AA batteries that are held in the main body.  The receiver is powered by a ABC battery, not a common battery type but one readily available to buy.  On the…

Edelkrone QuickReleaseOne

Edelkrone QuickReleaseOne Review

QuickReleaseONE is one of those products that works so well you wonder why you didn’t buy one years ago.  It’s from a company called Edelkrone, a somewhat under the radar brand unavailable from the usual high street/online shops, you generally purchase directly from. The concept of a quick release system isn’t new, you get them…

Sinnofoto M2522

Sinnofoto M2522 Tripod Review

The Sinnofoto M2522 aims to be the essential portable camera accessory. As with any good tripod the M2522 can be collapsed down to a more compact, travel friendly, size and it comes with it’s own bag which should help protect it when you’re on the go.  There is also a sleeve case included to help…

Manfrotto BeFree Tripod with Fluid Head

Manfrotto BeFree Tripod with Fluid Head Review

The Manfrotto BeFree tripod is available in a number of different variants, the version reviewed came with a fluid head aimed at those using the tripod in a filming situation. As with most tripods, the BeFree has been designed to be as compact as possible.  It uses a familiar locking system to allow you to…

TM2324 Tripod

K&F Concept TM2324 Tripod Review

The K&F Concept TM2324 is a compact travel tripod that’s better for those shooting photos than videos photographers than videographers. The TM2324 comes with a travel case and shoulder strap and when not in use can be collapsed down to just 41cm.  Rather than just retract the legs into themselves the TM2324 also folds the…