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Archeer A320S

ARCHEER A320S Bluetooth Speaker Review

The  ARCHEER A320S is a large Bluetooth speaker that packs a powerful punch. Unlike the usual black boxes the A320S is a beautiful bamboo fronted speaker that has cloth around the sides and the back. Along the top sit the controls sit along the top and the USB charging port and aux in port are…

Miiego headphones

Miiego M1 and AL3+ Freedom Running Headphones Review

Miiego have come out with a couple of sets of sports headphones with the ambitious tag line ‘You move, they don’t’, aiming to address the problem large headphones such as the August EP750 present when you use them in sporting activities, they’re large, bulky and have a habit of slipping off if you’re moving around a…

AudioCast Streamer

AudioCast Music Streaming Dongle Review

The AudioCast is a low cost dongle that adds streaming services to your existing speaker setup. For a long time the only option for a multi room sound system was the invest in Sonos speakers, these days you can buy low cost multi speaker systems such as the August WiFi speaker system, but what if…

August EP750

August EP750 ANC Headphones Review – Noise cancellation on a budget

The August EP750 bucks the trend a little with August headphones, opting for a higher than normal price point in order to offer active sound cancelling technology. In the box you get the EP750 headphones, USB charging cable, standard aux cable, aux cable with inline controls, an aux cable adaptor and a nice carry case….

Torre WX WiFi Speaker

Sumvision PSYC Torre WX Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Tower Speaker Review

When you think of multi room WiFi speaker the main brand that springs to mind is Sonos, along with the knowledge they’re going to be expensive. That’s started to change, in 2016 August released their excellent multi room system and 2017 finds another contender for the affordable multi room thrown: the Sumvision Psyc Torre WX….

DUTISON TK100 Speaker

DUTISON TK100 IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DUTISON TK100 is a rugged looking bluetooth speaker, with the appearance of a mini tank. This is an IPX6 rated speaker so it’s splashproof, but not waterproof.  Good for resisting gentle spray or the odd splash but unable to last long if submerged. As just 12.5 ounces the TK100 is a lightweight speaker you can…

Umidigi Speaker

Umidigi Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Umidigi bluetooth speaker is the first Umi product I’ve tried outside of the impressive budget smartphone range they do. As with the mobiles the speaker aims to offers a really nice product for a low price. In the box you get the speaker, a USB charging cable, aux cable and a small carry case….

AVWOO Brand Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

AVWOO Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Review

The AVWOO Brand Mini Wooden Bluetooth Speaker makes a good first impression out of the box, it’s a lovely looking wooden speaker with a single, large, speaker grill on the front and controls on the back. As well as the controls you get a USB port and aux in port around the back and it comes…

August WR320

August WR320 WiFi Audio Receiver Review

The August WR320 is the latest addition to the August WiFi speaker range and it allows you to connect your existing speaker setup to your WiFi network in order to access music streaming services. In the box you get the WR320, two aux cables, a USB cable for power (all of which are anti tangle cables)…

AMP X7 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

AMP X7 Portable Speaker and Charging Cradle Review

The AMP X7 isn’t the usual cheap plastic Bluetooth speaker, this is a well designed, nice looking bit of kit. It has a metal grill running around the sides, controls on the top of the speaker and ports on the back. One of the ports is a handy USB out which means you can use…