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    Teufel Real Blue NC Review

    Real Blue NC by Teufel are probably not a set of headphones you’ve ever heard of, Teufel are a new brand to the UK, but are an established maker of audio goodies based in Germany.    The Real Blue NC headphone are a set of high end Bluetooth headphones with optional noise cancellation.  These are a pricey pair of…

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    Edifier H850 Headphones Review

    The Edifier H850 are a wallet friendly set of wired headphones.  Coming in simple packaging you’ll find the H850’s come with a 3.5mm cable and a 1/4-inch jack, but no case. If you are planning to travel you’ll be glad to know the ear cups can be rotated to give a flatter profile. Unlike the recently…

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    Edifier W800BT Headphones Review

    Edifier have featured a lot on Reviewify, and with good reason, they produce really good speakers.  The Edifier W800BT headphones mark the first time a set of Edifier headphones have been reviewed on this site. You’ll see in the review video below we have the red version in for review, they really stand out and…

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    SoundSOUL Bluetooth Water Speakers Review

    SoundSOUL are looking to make a splash in the Bluetooth speaker market by standing out from the large number of low cost speakers by adding a visual component, a LED lit water show. In the box you get two speakers, a cable to connect the two speakers together, aux cable and USB power cable. They’re…

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    ARCHEER A320S Bluetooth Speaker Review

    The  ARCHEER A320S is a large Bluetooth speaker that packs a powerful punch. Unlike the usual black boxes the A320S is a beautiful bamboo fronted speaker that has cloth around the sides and the back. Along the top sit the controls sit along the top and the USB charging port and aux in port are…

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    Miiego M1 and AL3+ Freedom Running Headphones Review

    Miiego have come out with a couple of sets of sports headphones with the ambitious tag line ‘You move, they don’t’, aiming to address the problem large headphones such as the August EP750 present when you use them in sporting activities, they’re large, bulky and have a habit of slipping off if you’re moving around a…

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    AudioCast Music Streaming Dongle Review

    The AudioCast is a low cost dongle that adds streaming services to your existing speaker setup. For a long time the only option for a multi room sound system was the invest in Sonos speakers, these days you can buy low cost multi speaker systems such as the August WiFi speaker system, but what if…

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    August EP750 ANC Headphones Review – Noise cancellation on a budget

    The August EP750 bucks the trend a little with August headphones, opting for a higher than normal price point in order to offer active sound cancelling technology. In the box you get the EP750 headphones, USB charging cable, standard aux cable, aux cable with inline controls, an aux cable adaptor and a nice carry case.…

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    Sumvision PSYC Torre WX Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Tower Speaker Review

    When you think of multi room WiFi speaker the main brand that springs to mind is Sonos, along with the knowledge they’re going to be expensive. That’s started to change, in 2016 August released their excellent multi room system and 2017 finds another contender for the affordable multi room thrown: the Sumvision Psyc Torre WX.…

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    DUTISON TK100 IPX6 Bluetooth Speaker Review

    The DUTISON TK100 is a rugged looking bluetooth speaker, with the appearance of a mini tank. This is an IPX6 rated speaker so it’s splashproof, but not waterproof.  Good for resisting gentle spray or the odd splash but unable to last long if submerged. As just 12.5 ounces the TK100 is a lightweight speaker you can…

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