Category: Wearable Tech

Wearables are technology designed to be worn on your person. Wearables include fitness trackers, smart watches, and even smart glasses. We review the latest and greatest wearable tech.

  • Famar Activity Tracking Watch Review

    The Famar Activity Tracking Watch aims to give you an activity tracker hidden away rather than one that really stands out. It’s available in a range of colours and watch strap styles, you see the the black version which has a red stitching in the review video below. The watch itself has a nice simple…

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  • SmartLab Heart Rate Monitor

    SmartLab Heart Rate Monitor Review

    The SmartLab Heart Rate Monitor is a low cost little gadget for those who want to monitor their heart while exercising. There are two parts to the unit, the main monitor and the elastic band it clips on to. The band is washable (and will need to be if you’re working out a lot!) and adjustable…

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  • Pebble Round Styles

    Pebble Time Round Review – White face edition

    Pebble surprised everyone soon after the Kickstarter for the Pebble Time ended with the announcement that they’d developed a round version of their iconic watch. To ensure Kickstarter backers weren’t put out by this they allowed backers to order the round at a discounted price, and if you didn’t like it you could send it…

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  • 41AHhF1RBuL1

    LEMFO LF06 Smartwatch Review

    When sent this budget smartwatch for review the expectations were set rather low, after all just how much could they pack into a £50 smartwatch? Things got off to a bumpy start as the watch didn’t allow for an initial language selection and wasn’t set to English by default. Fortunately the icons helped easily track…

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  • Pebble Time Steel

    Pebble Time Steel Review

    The Pebble Time Steel is the latest top end device in Pebbles range.  Fresh from a Kickstarter campaign, the new Steel Time was recently delivered and replaces an aging first generation original Pebble. Due to arrive with two straps, a leather and steel strap, at the time of review the ‘Steel’ element was missing due…

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  • iFit Activity Tracker

    iFit Active Fitness Tracker Review

    The iFit activity tracker is a lightweight activity tracker that comes with accessories to allow you to wear it both on your wrist (like a watch) or clipped to your trousers. You could pop it loosely into a pocket, but this isn’t advised as it can reduce accuracy. The wrist strap is a bit fiddly,…

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  • Wellograph Wellness Watch

    Wellograph Wellness Watch Review

    The Wellograph Wellness watch is a seriously expensive bit of kit aimed at those who want fitness tracking on the go. With fitness trackers recently getting cheaper and cheaper it’s refreshing to see an unashamedly expensive tracker come to market.  Whereas low cost trackers are made from low cost materials, the Wellograph is constructed from premium…

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  • Martian Notifier Smartwatch

    Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review

    Martian Watches recently unveiled their new smart watch, the Notifier, at CES 2015.  Rather than a full blown screen on your arm that stands out as a smartwatch, the Notifier has been designed as a traditional looking watch that happens to have notification features. In fact anyone glancing at your wrist wouldn’t think anything of…

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  • Huawei B1 TalkBand1

    Huawei B1 TalkBand Review

    The Huawei B1 TalkBand is an interesting take on the wearable activity tracker.  It doesn’t just track you movement and sleep but it also features a detachable bluetooth headset! This detachable headset also acts as a screen which displays 4 screens of information: 1) Bluetooth status, time and battery level 2) Pedometer reading 3) Estimated…

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  • Withings Pulse O2

    Withings Pulse O2 Activity Tracker Review

    The Withings Pulse O2 joins the growing number of activity trackers available but has an additional trick up it’s sleeve: it can measure the saturation of oxygen in your blood via a built in oximeter. Provided to me for review I was impressed with what a nice, light, little unit it is and that it…

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