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If you are looking for some good speakers, you have to ask around. You need to know what other people say. That’s why we have speaker reviews. We are looking to provide you with the best possible speakers. It’s that simple. We have tested for you the best reviewed speakers on the market. We know that you will be impressed by what you read.

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    Edifier S350DB 2.1 Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer Review

    The Edifier S350DV 2.1 speaker set offer a versatile system that can be used up close on a PC or further away on a TV when watching films. This is a weighty set of speakers that arrive in a single, well packaged, box that you may require help (or a trolley) to carry. As well…

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    Edifier E30 Spinnaker Speakers Review

    The staff at Edifier appear to have two modes when it comes to design: traditional box speakers such as the Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speakers or speaker design which bucks the trend, such as the Halo-esque Edifier Luna E235 speaker system.  The Edifier e30 Spinnakers fall into the inspired category of design, this time it appears someone watched…

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    Edifier S2000 Pro Review

    The Edifier S2000 Pro joins a long line of excellent speakers reviewed on this site.  Edifier are well known for their great speakers at a reasonable price, so what happens when you up your budget and go for their higher end equipment? The S2000 Pro are the most expensive set of Edifier speakers we’ve ever…

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    Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speakers Review

    The Edifier R1280DB bluetooth speakers are very similar to the recently reviewed Edifier R1010BT speakers, however they add some additional features that make them worth the extra cash. The build quality, as ever with Edifier, is excellent.  You’ll see the black version in the review video but a more traditional wood version is also available.…

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  • Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers Review

    The Edifier R1010BT speakers are compact budget bookshelf speakers suitable for a range of uses. They’re available in two styles, black and wood, both feature a yellow speaker which can be hidden via a removable black front plate.  These have a far more traditional style to them compared to the recently reviewed Edifier Luna E235, sticking…

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    Edifier Luna E235 THX certified Active 2.1 Speaker System Review

    The Edifier Luna E235 are a very cool looking 2.1 speaker setup. The arrived in a fairly standard box, but inside each speaker is individually bagged, giving a premium feel to the unboxing. This premium feel continues as you check out the striking design, the glossy red and black colour scheme looks fantastic on the…

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    Edifier M1380 Home Audio Speaker System Review

    The Edifier M1380 is a low cost 2.1 speaker system that you can use with your TV or PC to upgrade from basic speakers. The 2 stereo speakers are nicely styled, they come on little mounts which aren’t removable, they’re designed to sit on a desk or cabinet next to a TV rather than be wall…

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  • Edifier R1800BT Bluetooth Speakers Review

    The Edifier R1800BT Bluetooth Speakers are bookshelf speakers that are an excellent pair of speakers for a variety of uses. The R1800BT speakers measure 22.4 x 15.4 x 25.4cm and are just the right size for neatly sitting on a bookcase or besides a TV. They have removable front covers (see video below) and a…

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  • Edifier E10BT Exclaim Bluetooth Speakers Review

    The Edifier E10BT Exclaim bluetooth speakers take an interesting approach to desk based speaker design, passing over the usual boxy look in favour of a large sphere at the bottom with a bar on the front. The base sections contain a 3 inch woofer and 3 inch passive bass radiator and you can see these in action…

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  • Edifier B3 Sound Bar Review

    The first thing to note about the Edifier B3 Sound Bar is that you get a lot of sound bar for the money.  This is a meter wide and that gives space for 6 speakers in total. The Edifier B3 Sound Bar has been designed to either sit on a surface or be wall mounted, and a…

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